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How did this site come about?
Well, it started when I joined the Motion City Soundtrack community on their website. I noticed that people often came asking the same questions and looking for information, and sometimes wound up not getting whatever they were looking for. Then I got the idea to put everything into a website. Particularly, I wanted this to be a place for fans to submit things about the concerts they went to (another thing I noticed on the MCS forums was that people wanted to know setlists and see pictures from shows). I opened this site on June 25, 2006 and hope that it will be of help to MCS fans for many years to come.

Me and MCS - 2006

About Me
My name is Molly and I created this website. I do not know anyone from MCS personally, this is just a fan website. I first took interest in them because they were opening for a band I liked, and someone on a message board posted their MP3s for me to hear. After I saw them at Warped Tour later that year I realized that they are an amazing live band and really started to listen to them more! My favorite MCS song is "A-OK".

Here is a list of MCS shows I have been to: (I think I keep track of this for my own purposes :))

Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions or comments. Thanks for visiting the site!

Previous Layouts
Layout 1 (June 25, 2006–July 8, 2007):

Layout 1, June 2006-July 2007

Site Credits
Credit to Mark James for most of the icons used inthe Concert Archive section on this site. And thanks to Anna for making the graphic banner for the original layout!